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this game live or die? for full story?


I like the physics engine used for moving things around, seems fairly good. Lighting seems very universal, though, not much for shadows, or differing illuminations once the lights are on. Though I suspect that is hard. Never done programming for a game, myself, so my perspective is pretty much limited to a consumer. :)


Good tech demo!

(Note for other mouse-and-keyboard people: the Interact keybinding seems to be F.)

Graphics look fine even on the lowest settings (and the lower settings do run faster), the physics feel pretty decent, I am not used to but appreciate that the player has a character model, the handling-objects systems seem to be good (although I'd like some ways to rotate an object, or pick up by one end to scoot around?), and (ROT13 for spoiler) V nccerpvngr gung fubbgvat bhg gur uvatrf frrzrq gb jbex sbe trggvat guebhtu gur ybpxrq qbbe gb gur onpx ebbz.


Thanks for mentioning the keybind BTW, I just uploaded an image for mouse/keyboard controls