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Environment demo:

A playable environment for a survival-horror game. I've implemented some object interactions, an inventory, a HUD, character animations, and a few more things. Come check it out, and let me know what you think in the comments below.

Controls support gamepads (only tested with the PS4, but should work with others) and mouse/keyboard. Press ESCAPE to reach an options menu. Hold ALT while the app loads to change screen resolution.

This will be a sequel of sorts to a previous game. (An unrelated, extremely cool, very popular game came out with a similar name. If you haven't played it yet, you should. I'm going to re-release ANITW with a new name when I get a chance. It's an old project. It's also public domain.)

CONTROLS (click to enlarge)


- Only tested on OSX, with a PS4 gamepad.
- No brightness setting.
- No sound.

- CRT effect causes slowdown on Retina displays when played at high resolutions.

- Things are a bit bright on the Windows build. Turning on the CRT effect helps.
- Stamina bar on the HUD doesn't show current stamina.


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Dreadful Quiet Environment Demo - OSX.zip 26 MB
Dreadful Quiet Environment Demo - Linux.zip 40 MB
Dreadful Quiet Environment Demo - Windows.zip 23 MB

Development log


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this game live or die? for full story?


I like the physics engine used for moving things around, seems fairly good. Lighting seems very universal, though, not much for shadows, or differing illuminations once the lights are on. Though I suspect that is hard. Never done programming for a game, myself, so my perspective is pretty much limited to a consumer. :)


Good tech demo!

(Note for other mouse-and-keyboard people: the Interact keybinding seems to be F.)

Graphics look fine even on the lowest settings (and the lower settings do run faster), the physics feel pretty decent, I am not used to but appreciate that the player has a character model, the handling-objects systems seem to be good (although I'd like some ways to rotate an object, or pick up by one end to scoot around?), and (ROT13 for spoiler) V nccerpvngr gung fubbgvat bhg gur uvatrf frrzrq gb jbex sbe trggvat guebhtu gur ybpxrq qbbe gb gur onpx ebbz.


Thanks for mentioning the keybind BTW, I just uploaded an image for mouse/keyboard controls