Lots of work under the hood

There is so much to a game that you never see, but still takes a lot of work. A loooot of work. Eventually, all that work proves successful. You have reached a major milestone! That can't be shown in gif form, because it's boring stuff dealing with data structures and hardware. These are called "black triangle" moments. I've just reached one of those moments.

Presenting: Node-based customizable prop, item, and inventory behavior! Customizable prop, item, and inventory properties to go with it. And I finally have a player inventory with a 2D size, that can add items with their own grid sizes. Stackable items stack, and if there's no room for a pickup, the player gets a notification. I don't have a proper UI for the inventory yet, just a debug visualization. BUT IT WORKS.

I am designing a reusable codebase, that I want to use for several games. Reusable code requires better design. It has to be modular. It has to be flexible. This means I have extra work to do up-front. But it will eventually pay off when I can release game after game relatively quickly.  All of these "black triangle" moments are a big deal. And I'm super excited.

- Amy

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